We live in a small village in the south of Sweden. We have a big house with a lovely garden. We have build a outdoor run for the cats where they can access to from our kitchen.   

Our first Turkish Van come to us 1984 and the Turkish Angora 1996. In 2000 we got our first Scottish Fold. Our cats comes from the best lines and are careful selected. So if you ask us we have of course the best cats and the best lines. We have been lucky with our imports. We have lots of friends in other countries who have made it possible for us to have those lovely cats. We send them all a big thank. Today we only breed Turkish Angora and Turkish Vans.


I also collect pedigrees in different breeds. Of course what is of most interest for me is Turkish Vans, Turkish Angora, Scottish Fold and British Shorhair pedigrees. I try to get so correct info as possible so I would be grateful if you could send your cats pedigrees. I have also db in other breeds. I am the webmaster of two database who is online. Turkish Van and Turkish Angora that you can find on www.vangoran.com .


Bengt is very interested in cars. And of course as it is possible here in Sweden we have a personal registration plate for the car with the reg number VANCAT.We have now a PT Cruiser cabriolet. 


If have more questions you are welcome to contact us.

Hanny Olsen & Bengt Pettersson
Jönköpingsvägen 50
567 33 Vaggeryd, Sweden

Tel. +46-393-319 33 Fax. +46-393-12600